The STAAR Visian ICL™

The STAAR Visian ICL™ is a posterior chamber Implantable Contact Lenses .The Visian ICL rest inside the eye behind the iris,or coloured part of the eye . The ideal candidate for the ICL is between the ages of 21 and 45 ,with moderate to severe nearsightedness.Because the lens is positioned behind the iris,the lens itself is not visible to the naked eye .

This state-of the art procedure is for patients with extremely high prescriptions which cannot be treated by LASIK .
The Implantable Contact Lens is the newest way to improve your vision.This procedure has been used since 1995 .

This procedure requires more technical expertise than excimer laser procedures. Most ICL procedure involves implanting a specially designed contact lens within the eye . Most ICL procedures take less than 10 mınutes to perform with one eye being done during the first visit and the second being done within one to two weeks later in most cases.

Anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye ,making the procedure itself completely painless. Most ICL patienst see quick ,dramatic improvements in their eyesight ,with 80-90 % of their vision restored within the first 24 hours . If you have been told that your prescription is too severe for LASIK you can be done this surgery.

Dilek Uzer, MD. Lasik Eye Surgery Istanbul

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