Trifocal Lens Implantation

Trifocal lenses is used for cataract surgery and also for more good vision and without glasses vision especially over the 40 years old .

Good vision at all distances!!

As one of the latest developments in IOL technology TRIFOCAL INTRAOCULAR LENSES offer the possibility of seeing clearly across the entire vision range – near, intermediate, and far distances – without glasses or contact lenses, and without visual gaps in between. As a result, patients with trifocal lenses may enjoy more comfort and flexibility in their daily life. Trifocal IOLs enable good distance and near vision. What sets these special lenses apart is that they also provide good intermediate vision, which is needed for numerous daily tasks such as shopping, cooking or working at the computer. Patients with trifocal IOLs can comfortably pursue most activities such as reading, watching TV, driving or participating in sports without glasses or contact lenses.

Free from glasses at any age!!

Trifocal lenses are effective for treating another common age-related vision disorder: Presbyopia, which affects nearly everyone after the age of 40. With presbyopia and aging, the lens of the eye starts to become less flexible, causing a reduced capability to correctly focus on objects, particularly up close. Patients with presbyopia find it difficult to read small print, for example, and therefore need to use reading glasses. Presbyopia often appears and affects vision years before a cataract begins to develop. Trifocal lenses can successfully treat presbyopia along with cataracts.

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