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From M.Palfour

I wanted to get the best lenses, from the best surgeon, at the best price, and did a lot of research. I D very lucky to find Dr Uzer.

Immediately she resounded, answering questions, sent her CV, gave me the cost: not only would I get the very best lense replacement, ie the safest, most successful lenses, rating far above what the NASA space programme require for its astronauts to allow to go on space travel, I would also be staying in a nice hotel right across the street from her clinic, in Sisli, which is a reputable, high endand safe area in Istanbul, all treatment and medication, stay at very impressive Florence Nightingale Hospital, where the lens replacement took place, what helped my decision was that I s given two effervescent in the UK, who both were happy with their lenses.

I also read a lot in multivarifocal progressive lenses, checked Dr dilek reputation (which is impeccable) and was impressed by the fact that she had been the Head of teaching the eye surgeons, all of which, not to mention a price which could not be matched by anyone, made me decide to go with her. And I was not disappointed.

I’ve not needed to use glasses since December 2018, when I had the lens replacement, which is exactly what is looking for!

There Is some halo effect on my left eye, when it’s dark, and some grid pattern, but to be honest, I do not notice.

The right eye is perfect, the eye sight in both eyes require only a magnifying gms for the very smallest of human print and considering that I know u could not get any better, I’m more than satisfied by the result.

Both eyes fell very natural, so I could not ask for more.

Dr Dilek is not only a good surgeon, but so easy to get along with, her English perfect, and due to such good organisation, everything went smoothly.

I’ve been to see Dr dilek several times since the lens replacement, for plexr, which she also offers, being a highly trained doctor, she always makes sure she checks my eyes, etc.

I understand she is considering opening a consultation space at Harley Street, London, which is widely known to inhabit the very best of the best, so in short, and for these reasons, I can recommend Dr Dilek Uzer whole heartedly.

I will always be a fan, I must say, as there is no faulting her, to my mind. I have noticed that she is very busy, yet I’ve never felt rushed in any way, which is brilliant as it makes making the decision, and the experience so much easier.

I am halt to be a regeneration for Dr Dilek if anyone has some questions etc. Istanbul is also a very safe place, very cosmopolitan indeed, and it is easy to get around.

The surgery rewired me to spend 5 days in Istanbul, and after the first eye was done (Dr Uzer replacemes one lens at a time, so can check it the day after), the same day, wearing an eye patch naturally, I could go shooing and touristing etc. And since the curry, compared to most other cities I know, is inexpensive, this is an added plus. But, when it comes to Dr Uzer, even though you get the best at best value, there is only quality.

Paul Hollywood, UK – (Verified user. Review confirmed by email) by

My eyes felt really good after surgery and most importantly I have thrown my old glasses away Eye Specialist Consultation Dr Dilek Uzer is very professional in her approach and makes you feel very relaxed throughout eye laser treatment. My eyes felt really good after surgery and most importantly I have thrown my old glasses away as I don’t need them anymore!

Treated by: Dr Dilek Uzer Thank you for your kindly regards 🙂 Best Dr.Dilek Uzer

21.03.2019 K.Riece , USA by

Everything went much smoother than I had expected Cataract Treatment Had cataracts in both eyes and needed to have the lenses replaced. Everything went much smoother than I had expected. Dilek is a very personable doctor who did a fantastic job.

Treated by: Dr Dilek Uzer

Thank you very much for your very kindly and friendly regards . Take care 🙂 Best Regards for all life Dilek Uzer ,M.D,Ophtalmologist

20.11.2018 – Anonymous, UK – (Review verified by phone) by

The operating theatre was very clean, they took every health and safety aspect into consideration LASIK
Paid: 5128 ₺

Myself and my wife we both had Lasik treatment from Lazervizyon. We were very happy with the service, clinic and how the surgery was performed.

I will most definitely recommend Lazervizyon. My sight was a short distance and my wife was both long and short, we could both see a big difference right after the surgery. It’s definitely worth the value.

I did a lot of research before choosing this clinic it had good reviews. The price was also a lot cheaper than the other clinics. when we got there we were very impressed with the clinic the equipment was better than the UK. The operating theatre was very clean, they took every health and safety aspect into consideration.

Thank you for your regards. Nice to hear this and Best gift and pleasure for me. Kinds Dr.Dilek Uzer

Enri Ymeraj , Albania

I want to thank you very much Dr. Dilek Uzer!

I am a patient of yours in American hospital in Albania,Tirana.

I am Enri Ymeraj from Durrës. I am 29 years old. I’m diagnosed with Keratoconus.

10 years ago Dr. Dilek Uzer, you made for me an success intervention “crosslinking” at the American Hospital in the left eye.

All these 10 years I’ve been fine

I did not use contact lenses because they were very strong (they gave me much worries)

Now I’m worried because Keratoconus it seems to me that she is advancing in the left eye. (the same eye with crosslinking)

I trust you, so I’m grateful. Please i need a help! I also need your support! What should I do?

David H. from USA / Washington

Thank you Dilek ,my near vision is perfect .I can read my news without glasses .
I can recommended

From UAE/Dubai

Harris is happy with the surgery result . He sends you his regards to you 🙂
Thank you DR.Dilek


Thank you very much for a great experience from arrival at Istanbul till departure.The clinic and facility are very modern,clean,and professional.
I will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends for and Dr.Dilek Uzer .
My vision is now perfect .Thank you .

Marcus P.

Dr. Dilek Uzer

Özge K.

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