Step By Step

The treatment at comprises:

  • Preliminary examination at the clinic including wavefront calculation (aberrometer)
  • Excimer laser treatment with the latest-generation laser for both eyes
  • Customized ablation (aberrometer/wavefront treatment)
  • Follow-up examination at the clinic
  • All drugs and medications
  • Check-ups and post-surgical treatment for the following 2 years
  • Englisch-German-Swedish and multidisipiliner language hosting at the clinic
  • Total organisation of your treatment and appointments
  • Shuttle/transfer service from hotel to clinic to hotel

Lens implantation
Please ask us for a separate quotation. The hospital has done lens implantation for several years and an excellent experience with this treatment.

In the event that the preliminary examination reveals that you are not suitable for Lasik treatment for medical reasons, no costs will be incurred to you for the preliminary examination. If you decide not to undertake treatment for any other reason, you will be charged € 50- for the examination.

You will undoubtedly wish to compare the costs with those of other vendors. Please ensure that you are always comparing the costs of a wavefront treatment. Virtually all patients are treated using this technology and low prices quoted in advertisements are easily outweighed by the surcharges for wavefront treatment. For this reason, at LaserTravel we likewise only advertise the price for this treatment.

  • The Hospital will not charge you for the preliminary examination If you have booked through
  • Please allow three days for your trip. We will be pleased to take care of your complete travel arrangements.
  • There are many options for travel to Istanbul. Please call us or see lasik packages for more.
Dilek Uzer, MD. Lasik Eye Surgery Istanbul

Dilek Uzer, MD.

Ophthalmologist. Professional fields of Interests:

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Keratoconus