All About Lasik

Laser eye surgery corrects poor vision, giving you freedom from glasses and contact lenses.
It s a simple procedure that takes anything from a matter of seconds just a few minutes.
Short / near sightedness ( myopia), Long / far sightedness ( hyperopia) and astigmatism can all be treated with this simple corrective intervention.

There are two types of laser vision correction:

  • Flap based treatments ( LASIK )
  • Surface treatments ( LASEK / TRANS PRK )

Results for both of them are the same. we are determine the best treatment fo ryou during your consultation and your eye tests.


Lasik surgery in Istanbul

LASIK is the best and commonest type of laser vision correction worldwide. It offers benefits including a fast recovery and excellent visiual outcomes.

We use the most technologically advanced lasers to subtly reshape your cornea.

  • Step 1: This intervention begins with anesthetic eye drops being applied.
  • Step 2: It s performed using the suction ring applied to the eye to secure it fort he creation of a thin corneal flap on the top of the cornea with a femtosecond ( iLasik ) laser. And sending pulses of laser beams onto your cornea to reshape any imperfections.
  • Step 3: The flap is gently repositioned at the end of procedure. Total time about 10 minutes, Laser time is around few seconds.


LASEK laser treatments applied directly to the surface of the cornea (without flap).
Trans PRK rehapes the cornea epithelium.

Healing time is 5-7 days and it is a painful procedure. We prefer this type of laser eye correction for thin cornea.

  • Both of Lasik and Lasek are very quickly procedures.
  • There is no any painfull during the laser procedure. . During LASIK,you may feel some pressure while flap is created.
  • Laser surgery is permanent treatment. But Laser surgery will not prevent normal age related development cataract or any age related eye diseases.
  • If your vision is not sufficiently corrected after Lasik, enhancement surgery is provided free of charge within 2 years of your initial treatment.

Recovery After Surgery

Following your laser eye surgery, LazerVizyon will continue to look after you. After the surgery, you may feel discomfort and sensitive to light. You should wear sunglasses or protective glasses for a few days. We are giving protective glasses free.

Next day you will attend control appointment from the date of their treatment and have access to our out of hours medical helpline giving access to 7/24 hour clinical advice.

We are giving eye drops for 10 days.

2nd day after the laser surgery, you can go on your routine life and your work.

Lasik eye surgery in Istanbul

Dilek Uzer, MD. Lasik Eye Surgery Istanbul

Dilek Uzer, MD.

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