Eye Lid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Upper Eyelid Surgery

  • Local anesthetic or sedation will be given before the surgery.
  • Your surgeon will make incisions among the natural creases in the upper lid and laughter lines.
  • Your surgeon will then begin to adjust the fat deposit and tighten the muscle tissue and remove any excess skin.
  • The incisions are closed with either surgical tape, removable or absorbable stitches or skin adhesives.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

For this version of blepharoplasty, the procedure is carried out with the following steps:

  • You will be given either a local anaesthetic or sedation for your comfort before the surgery begins.
  • Your surgeon will cut just below your eyelash line. This means scarring will run in line with your natural folds of your eyes.
  • As with upper eyelid surgery, the loose skin, excess fat and muscle are removed.
  • The stitches are then closed together using fine stitches or surgical tape.

The Procedure

Upper Blepharoplasty can take as little as 60 minutes to perform safely and effectively. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic means that you can return to your hotel on the same day as your procedure.

Lower/Combined Blepharoplasty can be more complex and generally takes between 1-2 hours to perform. Lower blepharoplasty can significantly reduce and eliminate the tell-tale signs of aging by removing those puffy bags under the eye.

After blepharoplasty, your eyes will look fresher and bring back that youthful twinkle. You will have minimal scarring, hidden along the natural folds of your eyelids.

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