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    Lasik Technology

    13 April 2016

13 April 2016

Lasik Technology

Lasik surgery is completed within 10-15 minutes and is a method that helps you see without the need of eye-glasses or contact lenses for life. There are important factors playing on the success of this surgery that seems simple. The laser technology used during this surgery is one of the most important of these factors.

For the laser beams created by the instrument to result in the desired correction, calibration of the instrument, performing regular optical corrections, storing the instrument in the room temperature, and a humidity rate of under 40% are needed.

Excimer Laser instrument we use is approved by the FDA and is one of the most-developed and most-high-tech 4th generation lasers. We also have an eye-tracker system that quickly follows the eye during the surgery. Also, the knife and all other tools used during the Laser application need to be single-usage tools.


Bausch&LombZyoptix : A fourth generation zyoptix217 instrument is used that offers the first personalized vision-correction integrated technology in the world. It is a custom lasik treatment that bases Diagnostic Workstation together withZyoptix wave front aberrometre instrument and corneal topography instrument. Currently, no other instruments can perform back camera elevation measurements. It offers treatment planning abilities aside from specifications above. It helps determine the best for that eye. It has developed the first iris scanning and diagnostics in the world. 100,000 customized ablation treatments were performed across the world with the Technolos217 instrument. It is also FDAapproved for customized myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism.

Allegrotto-Wavelight : It is a German-patented laser along with Excimer laser instrument which contains advanced 4th generation technological characteristics. It performs the correction with a 0.95 mm diameter flying spot laser cluster. It corrects at a high speed of 200-400 Hz. It also has eye-tracker (tracking the eye during the surgery) ability. This ability helps eye movements during surgery not affect the procedure. It is approved by the FDA.

Visx Stars4

It is an FDA-approved, U.S. patented, 4th generation excimer laser instrument that has reached the highest technology with STARS4IR. It has the ability to change diameters of light beams between 650 microns and 6.5 mms. This ability helps the creation of a flat surface on the cornea and shortens the treatment. It causes less textural ablations- which in turn causes less thinning on the cornea. It has active eye-tracker and iris recognition systems. It is approved by the FDA.