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    SupraCor Laser

SupraCor Laser treatment for Presbyopia :

From age 40, people with good distance vision start wearing reading glasses  to read text messages or books due to an age related condition called presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural condition that effects everyone as they approach their 40s and 50s .


is a laser treatment for people who require an improvement in distance and reading vision .

SupraCor is very effective treatment for presbyopia .It can be helpfull for reading  vision and and also far vision witth near vision .

The eye is prepared in the same way as traditional LASIK procedure and the SupraCor treatment is delivered by the same laser used in LASIK and LASEK surgery .

SupraCor Results 

Our results are very successful ,After SupraCor, the patient start to reading near vision in a few minutes .It can be for both of the eyes .It can give free life style for you . Designed for the full refractive treatment range and also potentially suitable for patients with previous LASIK surgery .